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Businesses have many responsibilities beyond their core activity - book-keeping, health and safety, personnel management.....

The problem for all businesses is which of these peripheral activities should be carried out in-house and which ones should be done by an external contractor.

Your internet presence, primarily through your website, is a vital part of your business. How much of this do you keep in-house? How much do you use sub-contractors?

While it is often justifiable to use outside technical expertise to construct and arrange the hosting of your corporate website, we would argue that there are two reasons for retaining all your other website activities in-house:

  1. You will save money.
  2. Your website will perform better.

Why do we think your website will perform better?

  1. There are free tools you can learn to use in only a few hours which will help you to monitor and improve your website.
  2. You are the most motivated person to make sure your website is benefitting your wallet and not someone else‘s.

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